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Datatbase connection in php


While using in localhost leave password blank. By using Oops concept First create a class We have to create an objcet with $in = new db; to use database connection. Always first create an object then write mysql query. Read More »

How to create Database through CPanel


To create DB through CPanel Login in your cPanel and Click on MySQL Databases Enter your database name and click on Create Database button. Your Database have been created. Click on Go Back button Now, you have to create user name, After filling Username and Password, click on Create User button. User has been created. Click on Go Back Button ... Read More »

JavaScript Dialog Boxes


There are three JavaScript dialog boxes. 1. Alert Dialog Box. 2. Confirmation Dialog Box. 3. Prompt Dialog Box. Alert Dialog Box When we have to show warning meassage, we will use Alert Dialog Box, Suppose in form validation, User Name is mandatory field and user didn’t filled it, then we can show error message in Alert Dialog Box. Confirmation Dialog ... Read More »

Multiple Check/Uncheck in Jquery


Using JQuery Multiple Check/Uncheck. It will use in multiple delete option. For multiple delete Crate a function deletemeall();. When function deletemeall(); call, form will Submit and carrying values of Checkbox in a array. $ff will return all checked box values. Here i am deleting data from table venue. Read More »

Generate random alphanumeric value in php

Generating random alphanumeric value in PHP is very simple. See the code below, it will generate random values. $length denotes string length. If you want only numeric use $characters = ‘0123456789’; Only want alpha value use $characters=’abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ’; May change $characters value according to requirement. Read More »

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