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expand table rows with jquery


We can expand table rows with help of jquery. Here i am define table id mydata.As you run this code, you will see state list, as you click on expend button, you can see city list of that state, again you click on expend button, city list will hide. You can get expend button image click on download. Just copy ... Read More »

Javascript date with clock


We can display a clock which will be showing the local time of the client computer by using JavaScript. Note that this time displayed is taken from user computer and not from the server. Use below code for it. Read More »

fetch data without page refresh in php

To fetch data without page refresh, we have to use jquey. Suppose, you have to display a list of places according to Country selection. Call a function on onChange=”show_place();” on country selection. in show_place() function, get country id, create a page ajax_place.php, send country id on ajax_place.php. On ajax_product.php, fetch data according to country from database, here i am showing ... Read More »

Print selected area

Some time we have to print, only some selected area not all screen. To do it, we have to call selected area in a div and define its ID, in below example, i have define two div, first for which i have to print and second for which i don’t print. For printed div , i define its id divToPrint ... Read More »

Date in hindi format


Some time we need, date in Hindi format, We can show date in Hindi format with Javascript, just use bellow code for it. Here i create two array, first for day name and second for month name in Hindi format. function getYear(), returns current year like 2014,2013…. function getDay(), returns current day like Monday, Tuesday….. function getMonth(), returns current month ... Read More »

JQuery JavaScript form validation


For JQuey java script form validation. Call a function with event onclick, on form submit. You can see it in PHP Registration Form. Use a JQuery file. If required field is blank, then its border will be red, with the help of CSS, like $(“#name”).css({“border”: “1px solid red”}); And set cursor at that filed with; Here i am also ... Read More »

Multiple Check/Uncheck in Jquery


Using JQuery Multiple Check/Uncheck. It will use in multiple delete option. For multiple delete Crate a function deletemeall();. When function deletemeall(); call, form will Submit and carrying values of Checkbox in a array. $ff will return all checked box values. Here i am deleting data from table venue. Read More »

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